Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters

Heraeus Vulcan manufactures natural gas or propane fired industrial catalytic infrared heaters that emits infrared heat through a safe, flameless heater technology which produces a uniform low intensity heat. This heat is in the form of medium to long wavelength energy which is readily and evenly absorbed by a wide range of organic materials. Industrial Catalytic heaters have been around for many years.  Heraues Vulcan have become the leading innovator and builder of catalytic ovens using Catalytic Heater Panels for the industrial paint finishing, powder coating oven and drying industry. The reduced operating costs offered by Catalytic heaters, has become the preferred system for retrofits of large electrical Infrared application, offering substantial energy cost reduction with rapid payback.

VIDEO: Gas Infrared Catalytic Heater Technology (5:33)
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We are happy to supply heater panels and control systems on an individual basis to customers who wish to build their own ovens. We are also very happy to advise on any aspect of oven design.

Using a propriety platinum based catalyst, the products of combustion are extremely environmentally friendly, emitting only emmissions of water vapor and carbon dioxide and none of the regulated gases such as Nox and Carbon Monoxide. The absence of a flame, while maintaining a heater surface temperature of 400°F/204°C – 900°F/480°C, generates a totally diverse and evenly distributed, long to medium wave IR across the surface of the heater. It is this particular of low intensity IR that matches the absorption characteristics of organic coatings such as powder and liquid as well as that of water, as a result these coatings quickly increase in temperature when exposed to catalytic heaters.

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