Infrared Heater Catalyst

Infrared Heater Catalyst – The key to consistent long term heater performance is Heater Design and Catalyst Quality

Infrared Heater Catalyst Life – in excess of 40,000 hours
In case of process damage or catalyst poisoning, see our Refurbishing page.

Typical operating temperatures of Heraeus Vulcan heaters in the range of 400 – 1000 degrees F demand the high temperature stability of Saffil, which has a maximum operating temperature of 2,000 degrees F.

Infrared heater catalyst

The catalyst support fiber produced by Saffil Ltd., is a 50% amorphous / 50% crystalline high purity alumina fiber of exceptionally high porosity specifically designed to provide long term performance for Heraeus Vulcan’s heaters. With fiber diameters of 3.00 microns and with one gram of Saffil offering 150-200 square meters of surface area for reaction sites, gas is efficiently oxidized, releasing maximum heat while eliminating any potential for gas slippage. The catalyst impregnated Pre-forms produced by Heraeus Vulcan, used the most advanced Alumina fiber support structure for the proprietary platinum catalyst. The composite is specifically designed to offer the maximum area of platinum to the gas as it passes through the heater.


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