Gas Catalytic Infrared Heater Specifications

Gas Catalytic Infrared Heater Specifications

Heraeus Vulcan’s Catalytic Infrared heater has redefined
the performance of catalytic process heating.

The Catalytic Reaction

The Heraeus Vulcan catalytic heater is a diffusion type heater, that operates on a chemical oxidation reduction process that reduces the methane or propane gas in the presence of platinum and oxygen, into moisture, carbon dioxide, and produces Infra red energy from this reaction. There is no forced air or oxygen supplied for the chemical reaction. Air that is required for the reaction is diffused through the heater surface and into the reaction sites at the platinum/ gas interface. The catalytic reaction requires that the catalyst be at a temperature of 300 F. This is achieved from an electrical preheat element that is activated for 15 minutes. The gas enters the heater panel and is evenly dispersed through a plenum chamber within the heater. The gas is then distributed into the hot catalyst where it reacts with the platinum in the presence of air. The surface temperatures will be at high of 950+ F for high fire, down to 400 F at low fire.

There is no flame with the reaction of gas. As such these heaters are approved for heating hazardous areas. When products such as Acetone, MEK, Toluene, Octane, and Naphtha are sprayed onto the heater surface there is no combustion of the solvents. Catalytic heaters produce heat that is distributed over a wide range of wave lengths. Most significantly, catalytic heaters produce heat in the longer wavelength zone that is most desirable in heating organic material, as used in a powder coating oven.

Some of the most salient features of this type of heater are:

  • Flameless oxidation
  • No flashback
  • No exterior blower required
  • No significant heat loss from the housing
  • No Nox or Carbon Monoxide
  • Insignificant sensible heat loss
  • No fear of a VOC explosion due to flameless heat
  • Higher thermal efficiency


Gas Catalytic Infrared Heater Specifications
16×51 Heater Layout
16×40 Heater Layout
16×20 Heater Layout
15×30 Heater Layout

Operating Instructions / Specifications

Starting Procedure

In order to start a catalytic heater, the following procedure is required to be followed. Each heater has an electric pre-heat element which must be turned on for 20 mins. During this time, the normally open thermo switch located on the back of the heater will have closed, indicating that the element is working correctly. After 20 mins of pre-heat, the gas is turned on at full inlet pressure (3.5 W.C. for Natural Gas and 11 W.C. for Propane), while the pre-heat remains on for a further 3 mins. After the 3 mins. the pre-heat is turned off and the heater continues on gas only.

The above process may be automated for multiple heater installations. For information on these controls and methods of zoning for different applications please contact Heraeus Vulcan.


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